About Word Crush? Hmmm, I could share my CV with you, but it’s so utterly dull it really should never be read. So, instead, what can I say about little ol’ me?

Honestly, I’m fab! Ridiculously hard working, love deadlines and helping companies expand through my knowledge and expertise. That’s all you really need to know.

However, for those untrusting types, here’s a list of top 10 facts all about me.

Top 10 Facts

  • I know my stuff and do not take on work which is outside my expertise. This includes anything to do with maths or science. That’s weird pixie magic and I do not deal with The Dark Arts.
  • I’ve studied literature and English language most of my life. Not only do I enjoy writing but I adore reading and continuing to learn. For all my flippancy, I take my work seriously.
  • I come from a classically trained publishing background. I haven’t just waltzed onto the scene, pretending I know what a split infinitive is and how to write, edit and proof.
  • I understand about marketing and how to use the power of words to sell.
  • I do not write jargon based nonsense. I write to inform, engage, intrigue and amuse. Never to bore.
  • I undertake my own thorough research, not just citing Wikipedia. That’s the result of being classically trained.
  • I work to deadlines. I have found this to help with getting repeat business and glowing references.
  • I love writing, and am lucky to earn a living from my vocation. I do not overcharge, but I do charge fairly.  You have to pay your mechanic, or your car won’t work; it’s exactly the same thing with me, only it’s your business rather than your car.
  • I know the difference between copywriting and content writing.
  • I’m very happy, if necessary, to work in your offices. Especially if your company is based somewhere hot and sunny and you’ll pay me to fly out, first class.