Internal communication

Internal communication is essential for many reasons and this piece is an attempt to stress the importance of healthy dialogue between employers and their employees. Employees are, in many ways, their company’s greatest brand ambassador and mouth-piece. An employee is often the first representative of a business. Pride in their work and working environment is […]

DIY Blogs – how to write great blogs

DIY Blogs – at any social gathering, once people discover how I am gainfully employed, the conversation always turns to blogs. So, I am dedicating this blog to people who know they need to write one but struggle to know why they should, what to write and most importantly, how to write them. Why do […]

Work, Life and a Semblance of Balance ….

To celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week, Andrea Hardiman of All About The Message and Andrew Gray, Business Growth Enabler from NatWest organised an event to discuss the balance of day-to-day challenges all freelancers, business owners and entrepreneur’s face in finding an equilibrium between life and work. I spent an enlightening couple of hours listening to Kate Wilde, Managing Director […]

Top 5 Naughty Words

I’m sorry, this piece isn’t as juicy or racy as the title may imply; instead, a rather wonderful little list of words which are frequently misused. Often the meaning, true definition or how to use them is not fully understood. Check out these top 5 tricksy words! 1. Unique  Dictionary definition: An adjective Something that […]

Top 10 Words To Avoid

Top Ten Words To Avoid In Content –  Writing relevant content which maintains interest is no easy task, especially if this is not your main skillset. However, there are tricks which help transform a dull piece of copy into something worthy of people’s attention. And most importantly, anyone can do this! Learn to Edit your […]