Word Crush writing services include website content, ghost writing for large companies, editing academic papers, stand-out blogs and snazzy copy for advertorials. Look below to discover how my services can help your next project.

Content Writing Services

I write clear content using a strong brand voice to convey your message. I also use keywords effectively and know how to write SEO content so the Google Gods will love your site.

Website content services

I listen to you, do my research and ensure I completely understand your requirements. Then I create awesome website content which you’ll love, written in your choice of tone. Each webpage is specifically written to enhance your keywords. I ensure keywords are subtly placed within text to ensure seamless content, with maximum impact for your organic search listings.
I’m also happy to vamp up your current copy, updating your site so you gain more business.

Meta descriptions

The bit of writing underneath your website address which comes up in a Google search. The bit which actually tells the world what you do and why they should click on your site. It’s quite important. No, it’s actually really important!

Blog posts

Well written, authoritative blog posts create brand awareness, trust, generate leads and maintain your organic search engine ranking. I become you — what a terrifying thought! I have ghost written many blog posts in the guise of different companies ranging from tea rooms to fashion houses, from pharmaceutical companies to online travel agencies.


I offer a variety of different writing styles for brochures depending on requirements. Previous clients have ranged from large corporations to local play groups. Brochures can be used online as digital PDFs or in traditional print form. Brochures are still an effective way to inform people of what you feel they ought to know.


Over the years I have written copy for a variety of companies requiring wording from banners and adverts to elevator pitches and advertorial content. Need to spread the word about your company or product? Not a problem, call me and let’s have a chat!

Case studies

Well written business experiences are a great marketing tool. Poorly written case studies are exceptionally dull to read. Real-life examples are useful for companies to showcase how they work, overcome problems and are superior to competitors.

Digital content and social media marketing

I’m not a marketer. I’m a writer. However I have studied digital marketing with the CIM and understand the huge importance of digital marketing, especially with words.
Let’s make those organic search listings work for you; that’s what I’m talking about!

Social media

Think of social media as basically another landing page for your company and another way to make Google notice your business. I write and configure social media profiles for sites such as LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; concentrating on brand tone and language ensuring they remain consistent with your company identity.

Social media posts and tweets

Do you struggle to write pithy, eye catching sentences in 140 characters, or less? I don’t, and am happy to help you. (That sentence was 117 characters with spaces.)

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Top tips to crush writing awesome case studies

Corporate Branding Services

Branding is essential if you want people to recognise and trust your company. If you view branding as an irrelevance, your company will not be noticed.

Brand ethos, values and mission statement services

These are the what, who, why and hows which are integral for the creation and expansion of all companies. Without a clear company mission, values and ethos, your company will be left directionless.

Your purposes provide a clear outline of how your company operates. They prevent future marketing campaigns and business developments from losing sight of your true goals and breaking with brand consistency. The principles maintain the focus on how you control the public perception of your company. Purposes and principles need to be considered and have the ability to be adaptable, showing a strong voice. Don’t be tempted to get your office junior to write them.

Brand stories

An utterly genius bit of marketing strategy which, when written well, works brilliantly.
Written poorly, and people will remember you for the wrong reasons. It’s worth writing brand stories well. Define your USP and tell the world!

Corporate identity guideline services

Your brand requires specific fonts, colours, typefaces, layouts and many other bits which go into creating your company’s identity.
It is highly advisable to have these written in to guidelines which can be passed to all departments and outside agencies with which you work.
This means every single piece of literature, website content, video or promotional material your company requires will be brand consistent.

Internal communication services

Internal newsletters inform your work force of developments across departments and, if global, across countries. Newsletters bridge gaps in individual’s knowledge of your company and of its values and principles. They also help to unite and inspire your employees. Writing good newsletters takes time, but it is time well spent.
Forcing employees to read dull corporate newsletters is just mean. Don’t make your staff read badly written ones – they do not deserve this; well, maybe Dave in Payroll does, but no-one else.

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Email Marketing Services

Basically, every email you send has the potential to market your company. Your emails need to be brand consistent – all fonts, colours, type faces etc need to be the ones in your company’s guidelines and all email campaigns should be written in your chosen brand tone.

Direct email marketing services

Emails need to be personalised, targeted and with a strong call-to-action. This is an effective method of telling people exactly what you need them to know. The only problem with this form of marketing is persuading your audience to actually open them. Catchy, click-baity subject headings are essential and the rest of your email must not disappoint.


These are a highly effective method of communicating with potential consumers or clients. Newsletters are an unobtrusive selling and marketing technique providing people with your latest products or developments. Newsletters should be engaging, relevant and worth someone’s time to read. As potentially the first communication, it’s a good idea to ensure they are professional, contain relevant information and are not full of typos.

Transactional emails

You know the ones; the emails which remind you of the products you were looking at but didn’t purchase and with recommendations for similar items.
There are a million different tricks and techniques to engage with consumers and potential clients. A well written targeted email campaign makes the difference.

Internal emails

Genuine, open connections are key to maintaining healthy internal relationships between departments. You need to communicate effectively and efficiently with employees, engaging emails are a great, discreet means to impart information.

Press releases

Need to share your message with the world? Press releases are still a highly effective marketing tool for sharing information with those who need to know. Whether you are selling B2B or B2C, targeted and appropriately timed press releases allow influencers to become aware of you. I have years of experience in writing press releases and know how to write succinct, catchy summaries providing the media with all your essential information.

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Other Services

I do other things to do with writing too. Read below to discover further services I provide.

Ghost writing

Due to my wonderful personality, I have no ego and therefore, no need to publish my name with every item I write. This works splendidly for companies requiring brilliant copy that others assume they wrote. As a ghost writer I have written multitudes of different assignments including eBooks, white papers and published books; always adapting my writing style to fit a company’s persona.


After finishing my degree, I was initially trained in editing and proofreading. Any professional written work should be thoroughly examined and edited. Waffle doesn’t sell and it’s boring to read. As an editor I remove the unnecessary, enhance the good and ensure everything flows in the right direction. I edit all types of works including corporate literature, books and even academic papers – providing they are not about maths or science (The Dark Arts).


Sounds easy but it’s not. It is a genuine skill and hugely necessary to prevent your company seeming unprofessional and illiterate. I was taught to proofread in a busy book publishing company and have been employed as a proofreader for years, and yet I still ask others to proof my work. It is virtually impossible to fully check your own writing.
Luckily for you, due to my retentive personality, I find spotting mistakes great fun. I wouldn’t recommend taking me out for a beer….

White papers

All white papers are an authoritative report looking to provide solutions to problems; they educate. They should not directly sell your company – they should instruct, create brand trust and awareness. White papers are extremely well written pieces of content and have the ability to be hugely influential.

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