Why Content Is A Valuable Asset

Content targets your ideal audience. Make the most from content by upcycling copy and using it in a variety of methods to drive value from only one piece of writing.

Why great content drives value

Anyone can write, right? Well, yes most of us fortunately can. However most people don’t choose to make a career from words.

On occasion, business owners make content writers justify their position in industry. After all, Bob in accounts does a superb job of writing their weekly blogs for the organisation. Why would they require the skills of someone else?

Good question. Why should a company seek a professional writer when someone in the business is more than capable of being a content provider and writing the required copy?

  1. Let’s give Bob a break – he’s already snowed under from his actual workload and is unlikely to be overjoyed at the prospect of also having to write a blog.
  2. Bob is an accountant and not a writer. Writers rarely confuse themselves as accountants.
  3. A professionally finished piece of writing will incorporate well written and grammatically correct content, using industry specific language and an organisation’s brand tone and style to directly target those who will most benefit. 
  4. A professional content or copy writer will not use hyperbole and industry jargon that only five people actually understand. 
  5. A content writer will naturally weave an authoritative voice and reason for the content, so no one is left confused as to the point of the copy. Simply, great content drives value.

Many SME’s make the mistake of utilising their staff to cover a variety of roles. In reality, this is an inefficient use of staff’s expertise; removing them from further developing their actual role to enhance the company.

How does content writing bring value?

Once the writer has spent time listening to the organisation’s needs, homing in directly on the messages which need to be conveyed — and on occasion this can take time to refine an organisation’s needs — the content writer then creates a fantastic website, brochure, ebook etc directly answering their client’s requests. But that’s not all …

The content writer has actually created multiple uses from one piece of articulate content.

For example:

  • One blog can become 10 well-written social media messages, directly targeting potential clients
  • One blog can be manipulated into the backbones of a new brochure
  • One blog can be fed into newsletters, directing people straight to a website or holding page
  • One blog post can be turned into a slide show or powerpoint presentation
  • One blog can be shared around multiple networking groups
  • One blog can be used as speaker’s notes at a Zoom meeting
  • One blog can educate influencers
  • One blog can be used to make a series of videos discussing the topic in greater detail
  • One blog can be used as a discussion point for a podcast

And that’s just a blog. Imagine how an organisation can employ content from an ebook?

Picture drip-feeding targeted information into a marketing strategy; teasing people through content to sign up to webinars, mailing lists?

Consider the power of delivering chapter, by monthly chapter valuable information to prospective clients, easily demonstrating worth and USP?

Content is not simply content, it’s a weapon against competitors and should be a major part of your marketing strategy. Any content writer worth their pen, will advise on how to make the most from content. 

Contemplate Bob’s longterm happiness — now hugely increased — as he will never have to worry about next week’s blog post.  That in itself is worth employing a professional content writer. 


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